Miffy Nightlight


The Miffy nightlight is 30 centimeters tall and comes with a dimmable Mr Maria LED module, designed to be used for a full nighttime routine:

A comforting friend during the day
A cozy light for storytime
A safe nightlight when it’s time to sleep
A gentle light during a night feed
A helpful light for a diaper change in the early hours
Use the dim-button on the bottom to select the perfect brightness setting.

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Miffy First Light is made of soft silicone and shines a comforting, soft light. Shaped only in black and white, Miffy’s classic lines once drawn in pencil truly come to life. Her familiar face of simplicity is there to ensure a cozy sleep.

High quality BPA-free silicone
6 dimming steps incl. nightmode
8-120 battery hours (depending on the chosen setting)
Rechargeable with USB-C cable (included)
Can be easily used with just two buttons