about us

My name is Isabella Kaizer and since 2 years the owner of the House of Vermeer shop. My parents started the store back in 1973 as Delft Blue Pottery, somewhat later, my father turned it into the Royal Delft Blue Shop and since March 2014 I have changed the name to House of Vermeer, because the shop “House Mechelen” is a unique building who deserves this name.

Mechelen house is the house where Johannes Vermeer lived for a very long time. In our shop we sell authentic handpainted Delftware pottery such as Porceleyne fles but also of smaller factories such as Royal Goedewaagen, Montagne and the Blue Tulip.

We also sell lovely Dutch gadgets like Cow Parade and My-Gifts christmas ornaments, but also Barcino and Goebel. We also manufacture our own jewelry under the label “Delft Blue Beads”. We design and make our jewelry since 2009.

We can also provide premium gifts, but if you want something bespoke you can always call or email us for any queries.

House of Vermeer shop